New Funding Accelerator™ : Closest Thing to a Legal Trading HACK… 

Getting You Funded $50k to $300k In The Next 60 Days So You Can Finally Trade Without Risking Your Own Capital

Ever wondered what your life would look like if you not only had the skill to trade successfully but also had access to investors' capital so that you wouldn't have to stress about risking your own money?


What is funding accelerator™ ?

The Old vs The New Way of Trading

The Funding Accelerator™ is the first course where you'll learn how to get funded by Futures' Prop Firms.

Unlike other courses that teach you how to trade and risk your own money, the Funding Accelerator shows you how to trade and leverage someone else's capital in the Futures Market, the most transparent and regulated market available to traders.

This gives you the opportunity to trade successfully without the pressure of risking blowing up your self-funded account.

your capital

someone else’s capital 


Get Funded by a Prop Firm.
Use Our Edge.

There are companies (called Prop Firms) out there that, for a small fee, allow you to trade on a demo account and prove to them that you are worthy of receiving real capital to trade with.

There are 2 keys to making this happen for you.

1. Picking the right Prop Firms to partner with

2. Building a solid edge to pass these funding companies' evaluations and to trade profitably (aiming for at least 6% of your account per month)

By getting these steps right, what can happen in the next 30-60 days is that you will obtain a fully funded account (up to $300,000) backed by an official certificate from the Prop Firm you've partnered with.

Once that happens, you can start making withdrawals of your profits.

How much? Up to 90% for you, and 10% for the funding company.

This is one of the greatest opportunities to create an income online nowadays.

Yet virtually nobody explains in detail how to succeed at it.

Without the right guidance, people risk wasting multiple precious months and hundreds of hard-earned dollars to pass the Prop Firms' evaluations.

And sadly they risk giving up the incredible chance of becoming a funded trader.

But you don't have to worry.

I explain exactly these two key elements to succeed (and much more) in HD video format as part of the Funding Accelerator™ video course…

do you have any success case studies?

Listen directly to our students

DOES THIS apply to any market?

Get Funded To Trade Futures

Nowadays, in the funding industry there are mainly Forex Prop Firms or Futures Prop Firms (and a very small percentage of Stocks Prop Firms).

Even though the teachings of the Funding Accelerator™ could be applied to potentially any market, we'll focus on getting you funded with Futures Prop Firms

With a decade of experience as a professional trader, I can guarantee that the Futures are simply superior to Forex and Stocks. For 3 main reasons:

1. The Futures Market is highly regulated (by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission) so that you are protected from malpractices like price manipulation which is unfortunately common in the Forex Market

2. The Futures Market is transparent as all the transactions are cleared through the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), a 
centralised exchange that provides the same real-time market information to everyone. This does not apply to the Forex Market which offers multiple unrelated exchanges

3. The Futures Market offers sufficient leverage that allows you to control a large amount of asset for a low amount of the money you're using (unlike the Stock Market)

If you've never traded Futures before, don't worry.

They're pretty easy to understand and we've included a BONUS 2+ hours Futures Masterclass when joining the Funding Accelerator™ so that you can get up to speed in no time.

HOW are you different from others?

We Created a Reliable Tool For You

Thousands of traders online know me because of my method based on a professional tool called Volume Profile.

This method helped me to make "the turn" and build a 6-figure trading business.

If you type Volume Profile on Google or Youtube, I'm one of the first results showing up.

But this is not the tool I want to introduce to you today because with its power there's a bit of learning curve that I want to get as close to zero as possible when you start the Funding Accelerator™.

For this reason, I have managed to codify the foundation and strip down my method to create a beautiful simplified edge in the market.

I call it the Balance Detector.

No need to learn the full-stack to obtain your funded account and to withdraw your first profits, just trade with this ONE tool.

In the Funding Accelerator™ program you'll learn how to read the markets and be able to trade value.

When a market finds value, it establishes balance.

On average, any given market is 80% of the time in balance and only 20% of the time not in balance (= trending).

With the Balance Detector you'll be able to visually see when and where balance is happening.

This will give you insanely accurate entries and exits to approach the market with a real edge.

This high strike rate makes passing funding companies a game of simply waiting for a very high-quality setup and then trading in “easy mode.”

This is also very different from most of other tools out there online: if you're using any trading tool right now, it's probably based on a lagging indicator.

(Like an RSI or a MACD, etc.)

These tools provide very poor quality information as they rely on market data that happened in the past.

The Balance Detector provides you with real-time market-generated information which will give you an unfair advantage compared to 95% of the other traders.

Using Balance Detector unlocks what to me is the best trading strategy to allow you to safely and consistently pass funding companies' “evaluations” and obtain capital.

It’s simple enough for a newbie to not get overwhelmed, but powerful enough to give any trader the sorely needed edge you need to pass funding company evaluations and build your bankroll.

Anyone can use it, all it requires is the patience to wait for setups.

We're so confident about the power of this tool that along with the educational content, we’re including 3 Months for Free of our proprietary NinjaTrader Balance Detector Plugin (not available anywhere else).

NinjaTrader is the charting software all futures funding companies support, and they give you a free license (+ free data) when you sign up for a trading evaluation.


The $300,000 LIVE Case Study

Since I only like to practice what I preach, I've included in the Funding Accelerator™ all the information and tools that allowed me to obtain $300.000 USD in funding to this day.

This is one of my most recent case studies that I've built LIVE on Youtube and that you can still find published today on my channel.

Fun fact: during this LIVE challenge, hundreds of traders got inspired and reached out to me asking for help on getting funded.

This motivated me to create the Funding Accelerator™ not long after.

By the way...

My name is Aaron Korbs

And I’m a professional day trader.

I upload regular educational content on YouTube about the futures markets and openly show how my PnL is looking on a daily basis!

Currently I'm in a place where I am able to comfortably generate on average over $10,000 per month consistently while actively trading 2-4 hours per day by focusing on 1 single method.

These are some screenshots of my brokerage statements...

What I like the most about this profession is not just the money but also the freedom that gives you...

Here are some pictures of my last trip around the world where I was able to trade while traveling:

How is possible to trade and travel you ask?

Well, all you need is:

  • An internet connection
  • A portable computer
  • A reliable method
  • ​A funded account

I'm the living proof that this can be done.

If you failed to pass funding challenges in the past it’s not your fault, you were playing a game of incomplete information using lagging indicators.

The dirty secret in the trading industry is that brokers make money from you entering and exiting trades, so they give you low-quality free signals and education to ensure you think trading is easier than reality so you start entering some trades into the market.

That gives the brokers their delicious commission.

They don’t care if you trade poorly or wisely - only that you are making trades, and that they are getting paid.

Luckily, you discovered the Funding Accelerator™.

get FUNDED 50k to 300k in the next 60 days so you can launch your trading business without risking your own capital

The Funding Accelerator™

With this course you will avoid...

The hell I had gone through about a decade ago.

“Hell” consisting of the usual trials and tribulations most traders fall prey to:

  • Watching fake gurus on YouTube who said trading could be “as simple as copying their trades.”
  • Trying Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, Moving Average cross-overs for lagging trade entries.
  • Buying actual stock in companies and making very slow gains.
  • ​Trading in the unregulated Forex Market and risking being victimised by price manipulation

Funding Accelerator™ is a shortcut to success

  • Assure daily consistency of execution.
  • Turnkey system with built-in edge combined with instruction on flawless execution.
  • Read the markets in real-time by yourself, with no reliance on 3rd party hard-to-execute signals.
  • ​The best way to control your financial future: revealed.
  • ​Forget being a lone wolf. Join dozens of other students and learn by osmosis from a verified professional day trader, entering a whole new world of consistent profits.
  • ​Create a legitimate system for yourself and never rely on luck again.
  • ​Custom real-time indicator, not a lagging standard retail indicator.
  • ​Learn how to create unique trade ideas, the best way to profit in the markets.
  • ​Improved daily confidence that comes with the ability for self-reliance.
  • ​Leading to improved opportunities outside the trading world! Want to travel the world? Find out the best trading method to do so.
  • ​Obtain freedom from another man’s schedule… set your own times to work from home so you have more time with your loved ones.
  • ​Hate your capped-salary job? Only the markets can scale your income to heights unprecedented in your life, especially with the funding company “hack.”
  • ​Plug your execution leaks so you never make a stupid mistake again.
  • ​​Ability to thrive as an independent "recession-proof" trader even while the global economy is crumbling.

Funding Accelerator™ includes:

HD Video Course, $2,000 value

Here are the chapters you'll find:

  • Start Here - The Mindset You Need For Success
  • The New Path Forward - ​How to Become a Hybrid Trader and Scale
  • ​Funding Accelerator Setup - Set Up the Balance Detector and Join a Prop Firm
  • Funding Accelerator Method - Balance vs Imbalance and how to focus on what happens 80% of the time
  • ​Principles of the Method - Your Rules Blueprint
  • Putting It All Together - Making High-Quality Trade Ideas
  • ​Risk Training - Customising Your Risk Profile
  • Trade Management - How to Take Insanely Accurate Trade Entries and Exits 
  • Plan of Attack - Survey The Battlefield Before Your Competition
  • Extra content - Assessments for each chapter & Action Items

2x Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls for 1 year 
$1,800 value

So that you'll be never far from help.
You'll be able to interact directly with Aaron Korbs on a regular basis to make sure you'll have 100% clarity on your next steps and to get feedback on your progress.

Balance Detector NinjaTrader Plugin 

(3 Months FREE), renewable for $59/quarter

Trading Tracking Sheet, $67 value

Plan Of Attack Template, $137 value

Prop Firms’ Best Deals Directory, $167 value

Plus these FREE Bonuses:

1. Funded Trader Routines Video Class + Performance Tracking PDF Sheet

$147 value

2. Futures Masterclass: +2H crash course for everything you need to know about this Market

$127 value

3. Trading Psychology Workshop to make you become a "mental athlete" in the trading game

$147 value

that’s a total value of $4,651

That's how much a bad trading day would cost.

Or how much several attempts to get funded would cost. 

With this course, you will get access to 50k-300k in funding and start making your first withdrawals.

$4,6511 would still be a good deal.

However, I really want to make a big impact in this industry.

My goal is to have an army of traders that get successfully funded so that they're encouraged to grow their trading business and live on their own terms.

For this reason, I've decided to bring the cost down to a fraction of the original value.

The price of Funding Accelerator™ today is...

only $1997!

The purchase comes also with an 
Extended Program Access Guarantee. 
We guarantee that you’ll get funded 50k-300k by the end of the program or you’ll get FREE access for an extra 12 months to all our live Q&A coaching sessions with Korbs.

Lock in this price before we potentially increase it tomorrow.


My promise to you is...

By getting access to the Funding Accelerator™ you will have all the tools to obtain a funded account up to 300k within the end of the program so that you launch a legitimate trading business without risking your own capital anymore.

And the rock-solid Extended Program Access Guarantee is there for you as long as you complete the course and participate to our Q&A Sessions for a minimum of 3 months.

So the reality is, there's no risk involved.

See you on the inside?




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